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america and the fight for a place to call home." first, we look at the national security agency and the u.s. drug enforcement administration. dea agents are using intelligence gathered by the nsa to investigate americans and then being order to cover it up. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. jeff bezos is buying the washington post, one of the leading newspapers in the country. the founder and chief executive is one of the wealthiest people in the united states. he will pay $250 million for the post and a number of , less than one percent of his wealth, which is estimated at more than 28 billion dollars. he is a friend of donald graham, chief effective of the washington post company, whose family has owned the newspaper for eight decades. over the past the gate, the companies newspaper division a seen a 44% drop in operating revenue. in addition, he will get another -- a number of other washington post owned businesses. the deal does not include or foreign-policy magazine, which are own
is going on in society. itfar as america as a whole, shows the polarization of people of color in this country has how we argued. i think it needs to be recognized. >> stop and frisk is ruled unconstitutional. a federal judge says the city of new york had been deliberately indifferent to police officers illegally detaining black and latino residents on the streets over many years. we was beaten one of the plaintiffs and his attorneys. and then we talk to the owner of lavabit, edward snowden's e-mail provider. last week, the owner of lavabit is seriously shut down the company and said he did not want to become complicit in crimes against the american people. we will also speak to nick merrill, who is under a gag order for six years after receiving a national security letter. technician orhone systems provider, you have a lot of information that paints a picture of people's private lives and communications. i believe that comes with a great degree of responsibility. you are a steward of people's private matters. it seemed to me, it was a moral obligation i had to protect. all tha
don't want to talk about racism in america, but why not? we need things to change three . like our attorney says, we need a special prosecutor to deal with these cases. we cannot trust the office at work so closely with the nypd to prosecute them. i don't think you'll ever change as long as they're prosecuting these police. we need real changes. holderrney general eric has openly criticized the u.s. drug saying too many people are now behind bars and it is time for federal sentencing reform. holder made the comments in an interview on npr. >> there are too many people in jail for too long and for not necessarily good reasons. the war on drugs is 30 to 40 years old and there have been a lot of unintended kwanzaa quinces. -- consequences. there is been a decimation of particularly those committees of color. a chief medical correspondent for cnn appeared on television this week and openly apologize for his past reporting questioning the medical uses of marijuana. >> i have apologized for some of the earlier reporting because i think we had been terribly and systematically misled in th
for the national women's veterans association of america when filner, then a u.s. congressmember, made unwanted advances. filner had formerly served as head of the house veterans affairs committee. she said she believes he targeted survivors specifically. >> we are all victims of military sexual assault. it appears to me that he was targeting this organization and hitting on the women in this organization because they were easy prey, so he is part of an organization that is against sexual assault and sexual violence toward women and sexual harassment him a that he is doing the very thing that we are fighting to make stop in our service and in our country. >> she was speaking on cnn. hagel isecretary chuck reportedly completing a number of new rules to address rampant sexual assault in the military after pentagon survey estimated 26,000 people in the armed forces were sexually assaulted last year. the national institutes of health says it has reached an unprecedented deal with the family of henrietta lacks that gives them a say in how her genetic material is used for research. henrietta lacks wa
this bubble. the justice department sued bank of america, accusing that it willfully defrauding investors. report from the national oceanic atmospheric administration says last year was among the 10 warmest on record around the world. full degree were in higher than the previous record, more than three degrees higher than the 20th century average. another study found the earth's climate is currently changing at a rate far faster than any other point in the past 65 million years. theret intervention, could be an annual raise in temperature of 6 to 9 degrees. parts of china are seeing their most severe heat wave in at least 140 years. dozens have died as temperatures have hovered around 104 degrees. the heat has caused glass to crack, roads to warp, and a highway billboard to catch fire. two activists who advocated for the rights of farmers have been found shot dead. the murdered activists were part of the agrarian league. a third member is missing. victims include environmentalists murdered last week, and an indigenous rights activist killed last month. the department of homeland security
on the agency is called, "the shadow factory: the ultra- secret nsa from 9/11 to the eavesdropping on america." his most recent piece for the new york review of books is called, "they know much more than you think." i want to begin with spencer ackerman with the news right now that edward snowden has left the airport in moscow and is been granted temporary asylum in russia, the significance of this, spencer. >> it will be fascinating to see how u.s. foreign-policy quickly becomes subordinated to the furious demands by the obama administration for russia to turn over edward snowden. it also creates some tension. russia is another terry and society. this is something that really cap -- russia is an authoritarian society and this is something that really cannot , cynical purposes using snowden as a chit against the united states. >> can you talk about what it was -- i mean, obviously, edward snowden has had enormous impact in this country and the reverberations are being felt around the world. one hearing after another now. in polls it shows most people in this country consider him a whistleblow
of the united states of america with respect to all settlements is that they are illegitimate, and we oppose settlements taking place at any time, not just the time of the peace process. said, the prime minister was completely upfront with me and with president a ass that he would be announcing some additional building that would take place in places that will not affect the peace map. john kerry was in brazil. he faced questions over edward snowden's revelation that nsa spying has expanded to all of latin america with brazil its biggest target. >> i have asked the people of on theto stay focused important realities of our the bilateral relations between our country which continue to grow stronger and stronger. brazil and other countries will understand exactly what we're doing, why and how, and we will work together to make sure that whatever is done is done in a way that respects our friends and our partners. and that is what we are going to achieve. >> brazil continues to demand an explanation from the white house on the spying. on tuesday, the foreign minister said the spying threatens t
, didn't eight-year-old spy for america? we look at how u.s. allies in yemen used a child the place electronic chips on the man he considered to be his surrogate father. days later, the man was killed in u.s. drone strike. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. brotherhoode muslim has called on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi to join the nationwide day of rage today to protest the killings of hundreds of people in a crackdown that began with raids on two cairo sit ins. according to the health ministry, the death toll from wednesday's violence has risen to 638 with thousands more wounded. on thursday, the government authorized security forces to use live ammunition to defend themselves and public buildings. president obama responded to the situation in egypt from martha's vineyard where he is on vacation . he condemned the violence, but stopped short of calling it a coup or announcing cuts to the $1.5 billion in aid to egypt's military. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, o
america... este domingo estaremos celebrando la fiesta de fin de verano en six flags america, con artistas como lucky reyes, mizka, joe montana, gocho y frankie j... la cita es a partir de las doce del mediodi Ía este domingo 18 de agosto en six flags, venga con toda su familia y disfrute de las atracciones acuaticas, meca nicas y excelente mÚsica latina... ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. > hoy es viernes 16 de agto, del 2013, esto es noticia, la gordura mata, mÁs de lo que se creÍa antes, se puede morir de peso, rece que sÍ, las cosas se ponen peor, acusan al gobierno de estados unidos de espiar mÁs de lo que reconociÓ, nuevos datos contra la privacidad, quÉ pasa en venezuela contra homosexues, es la lÍtica oficia atacar a gays, las Últimas dearaciones del gobierno de maduro, y un nuevo animal en el mundo, se llama olinguito,o podrÁ ver aquÍ en el noticiero, en la selva imposible. comenzamos. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> muy buenas noches, la gordura mata. esa la noticia hoy, nuevos estudios sugieren que l
with hong kong followed up eyes the government of china, then move to latin america and threatened countries including venezuela, bolivia, ecuador, and a grog watch over whether he would be granted asylum. they threatened cuba over giving him the right to refuel. it seems like the list of countries the u.s. is threatening and expressing their fury at, which now includes russia, is getting to be longer than the countries in which they are not treated you can't go around the world threatening everybody for very long without starting to appear rather ridiculous. i think one of the things the united states has done is really kind of showed the world what its character is. it can tell you here and latin because the plane of evo morales to be down in austria by blocking the airspace rights over their european allies. i think the final point to note, everyone in the world knows -- except for americans -- the u.s. routinely refuses to extradite people accused of horrible crimes. the ex-president and bolivia is accused of war crimes and was protected by the cia, living comfortably in the states who r
matters: a history of sexuality in america." julian bond is also with us. juliano to florida to bond. when you heard president obama would be awarding bayard rustin the highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, your thoughts, having known bayard for many years? >> i was overcome, it seemed long overdue, happy to hear it, surprised to hear it, but glad to hear it. guest in go to our chicago, and john d'emilio, wrote the book about bayard rustin. audience, bayard rustin is not a household name, yet he was the main organizer, together with a philip randolph, of the march on washington, but his activism goes way back. he was jailed for refusing to fight in world war two. could you give is a brief history? forever, but in won't. the mosts one of important social justice activists in the 20 century. as a teenager in west chester pa., he stood up against racial segregation. he moved to new york and join the communist party for a while, got a sense of the injustices of capitalism, but then in the 1940's, 50's, and 1960's, made his home in the had a time when we were not only faced
...este programa piloto estara bajo evaluacion.. jornada de marchas y huelgas en america latina... colombia vive hoy el segundo dia de una huelga promovida por sectores agropecuarios... la primera jornada coincidio con un puente festivo y transcurrio hoy con una baja adhesion y algunos bloqueos en carreteras resueltos por la policia, que detuvo a por lo menos 22- personas... segun la policia, doce mil quinientas personas participaron en manifestaciones en 17 partes del pais.. el jefe negociador de las farc ivan marquez, manifesto su apoyo a la huelga.... en peru, gremios de enfermeros realizaron una marcha para denunciar proyectos de ley que afectaria sus derechos... los manifestantes afirmaron que si son aprobados, su labor, fundamentalmente con recien nacidos, podria quedar en manos de los obstetras... la secretaria de la junta directiva del colegio de enfermeros, dio a conocer que mas de 56 mil enfermeras a nivel nacional han participado de esa movilizacion.. agrego que las autoridades del ministerio de salud pretenden que los obstetras cumplan la funcion de atender al recien nacido, cuando e
book "a problem from hell: america and the age of genocide." progressives has accused her of ignoring this bike atrocities will supporting humanitarian intervention abroad. president obama has tapped a former pervert restructuring expert to oversee the irs. john koskinen oversaw the overhaul of mortgage buyer freddie mac during the financial crisis and served as deputy director of the office of management and budget under president clinton. statement, obama called him an expert in reform. the irs has faced scandal over scrutiny of certain political groups to apply for tax-exempt status. in ohio man who held three women captive for a decade while repeatedly raping them has been officially sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole free at real castro pleaded guilty last week to hundreds of kidnapping and rape charges in the forced imprisonment of three women who all escaped in may. on thursday, castro delivered a ringling statement before his sentencing, apologizing to his victims but also claiming a consented to sex with him. survivor michele knight confronted him i
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)